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John Seely Brown

The web has just begun to have an impact on our lives. As fascinated as we are with it today, we’re still seeing it in its early forms… My belief is that not only will the web be as fundamental to society as electrification but that it will be subject to many of the same diffusion and absorption dynamics as that earlier medium.

About Twitter

Twitter Guide Book
You've heard about Twitter, you've set up an account but how do you move on from there?  Mashable have put together a complete guide book to help you with all the answers.

Who's using Twitter?
Summary of the Pew Internet Survey Report (2013)

Twitter Tools

The Twitter base site.  This is very basic. You will find it more useful to manage your use of Twitter through one of the management tools below.

An easy to manage dashboard for using Twitter.  This is one of the most popular tools to manage Twitter on your computer.

Another web-based Twitter management tool. It's quite sofisticated and includes multiple accounts, delayed posts.

Hashtags #
Use of hashtags has extended beyond Twitter to other social media e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ etc. It's a way of identifying and curating ideas and resources for easy organisation and sharing.  They've have evolved to represent conferences, ideas, groups, zany thoughts - in fact any subject. Some useful professional hashtags 

We Follow
Top Twitter users, categories, interest groups. Find out who follows a particular tag. @wefollow

Survey tool for Twitter.

Search Twitter
Search in real time. Build your network by finding people with similar interests, check their profile, and follow them if you wish.

Twitter Audit
Check how many of your followers are real and how many are fake.

This service will create a brief summary of a TwapperKeeper tweet archive. It works for #hashtag archives, keyword archives and @person archives. Just enter a hashtag, keyword, Twitter account name or archive URL. 

Twime Machine
Use TwimeMachine to easily browse through your old tweets.  Use it to see what you have tweeted or search for others.

Revolutionary curation and data mining platform, designed to aggregate the real-time web, to provide consumers and businesses with insight into data on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook etc.  Cost per transaction.  Useful business tool.

Top Twitter Apps
Comprehensive list of apps and tools to use with Twitter from social media expert Jane Hart.

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