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John Seely Brown

The web has just begun to have an impact on our lives. As fascinated as we are with it today, we’re still seeing it in its early forms… My belief is that not only will the web be as fundamental to society as electrification but that it will be subject to many of the same diffusion and absorption dynamics as that earlier medium.

Online Publishing

Self-publishing has become a burgeoning industry through online resources such as those listed here, which are only a sample.  Publications are offered at a cost or free, they can be digital or hard-copy and best of all, these platforms are available to every author or publisher who has something to offer.  Schools are using these tools, particularly Lulu, to publish anthologies of poetry or student writing for distribution to parents.  How fabulous is that?


Lulu's print on demand (POD) solutions make it quick and easy. Create a book in minutes, publish with the click of a mouse, distribute, sell and print books to order. It's simple.  Arrangement by categories makes it an easy site to browse if searching doesn't find what your seeking.  It's also possible to make a photo books and calendars? This easy-to-use online publishing tool allows you to publish and print your own high-quality photo book or calendar in minutes.

A self-publishing website of journals, books, brochures in English and other languages. There is a strong social component to this site and full integration with your non-Apple mobile devices.  The numerous journals within Issuu show the sites that link to them, thus extending the learning value.  This is a excellent resource with RSS options. Review from Mac World