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John Seely Brown

The web has just begun to have an impact on our lives. As fascinated as we are with it today, we’re still seeing it in its early forms… My belief is that not only will the web be as fundamental to society as electrification but that it will be subject to many of the same diffusion and absorption dynamics as that earlier medium.

Education Leadership

Centre for Strategic Education
CSE is a not for profit organisation addressing the interests of education by promoting and enhancing the status and interests of the teaching profession.  It provides a range of services, activities and resources to meet professional needs including professional resources and publications nationally and internationally. 
ACARA - Australian Curriculum & Assessment Authority
ACARA is responsible for the development of the Australian Curriculum from Foundation* to Year 12. The development of the Australian Curriculum will occur over three broad timeframes and is guided by two key documents; the Melbourne Declaration on Education Goals for Young Australians and the Shape of the Australian Curriculum.  Adoption of an Australian curriculum is proposed to commence in 2014.

Educators' Guide to Innovation
Victorian based community of educators interested in education innovation.  Coordinating ideas, events, webinars, meetups etc and providing a discussion forum for educators.  The site is hosted by the Regional Services Group of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Victoria, Australia but all activity is related to individuals, not the Department or other companies.

Built for Teachers - US Education Reform Plans
The US Dept of Education has agreement with states on a blueprint for education reform (2011).  This is the proposal in relation to teachers.  Builds on previous reform with the aim of (1) Improving teacher and principal effectiveness; (2) Providing information to families to help them evaluate and improve their children's schools; (3) Implementing college- and career-ready standards; and (4) Improving student learning and achievement in America's lowest-performing schools by providing intensive support and effective interventions. Access full blueprint here (.pdf).

Education in Finland
Links to selected materials and information about education in Finland gathered by Pasi Sahlberg.

Google Directory - Europe - Education
European schools, educational organisations, portals and research.

Australian Education Associations and Organisations
This is a growing list of subject associations and education organisations, mostly Australian with some international links. 

George Lucas Education Foundation - Edutopia
One of the organisations leading education reform in the US.  They have a vision for changed based on rigourous  project-based learning, social-emotional learning, and access to new technologies; where innovation is the rule, not the exception; and where students become lifelong learners and develop 21st-century skills.

UK - Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. They regulate and inspect to achieve excellence in the care of children and young people, and in education and skills for learners of all ages. OFSTED issues regular statistics and reports that are used by school leaders worldwide for policy development and school improvement.

ISTE - International Society for Technology in Education
The premier membership association for educators and education leaders engaged in improving learning and teaching by advancing the effective use of technology in PK-12 and teacher education.  It it collaborates closely with teacher-librarian organisations and includes a Library stream in the annual national conference.  ISTE has an active community of special interest groups and reaches world wide through publications and webinars.  It's a valuable personal professional membership.

WISE - World Innovation Summit for Education
Established by Qatar Foundation in 2009. WISE is an international, multi-sectoral platform for creative thinking, debate and purposeful action in order to build the future of education through innovation. Provides a non-USA centric perspective on education innovation.